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El Agente 00P2
(also known as Agent Macaw: Shaken & Stirred) is a 2009 Mexican flash animated action-comedy film produced by Anima Studios and distributed by Videociné. It was released in theaters on February 13, 2009.


Tambo Macaw, an overweight macaw who works as a janitor at the Central Intelligentus Animalus (CIA), dreams of becoming a secret agent. His opportunity arises when he is assigned by mistake the most important mission in the agency's history: stop the wicked plans of Mama Bear and her evil organization. Tambo is helped by Jack Tortoise, an old turtle that's in charge of the advanced technology lab in the agency and is one of Tambo's few friends.


  • Jorge Badillo as Presidente
  • Jaime Camil as Tambo Macaw
  • Mario Castañeda Partido as Tutifrutti
  • Guillermo Coria as Mayor Leo
  • Andrés Couturier as Anubis
  • Bertha De Cervantes Mendoza as Madre
  • Víctor Delgado as Agente 2
  • Adrián Fogarty as Taxista, Dimitri
  • Ana Paula Fogarty as Mamá Osa - niña
  • Rogelio Guerra as Jefe Lipo
  • Marina Huerta as Pata Chamoy
  • José F. Lavat as Yunke
  • Queta Leonel as Yulia Frappe
  • Dulce María as Molly Cocatu
  • Luis Alfonso Mendoza as Jacinto
  • Arturo Mercado as Dr. Brócoli
  • Luis Alfonso Padilla as Bóris Frappe
  • Silvia Pinal as Mamá Osa
  • Anette Ugalde as Secretaria


This film received extremely negative audience reviews, with an audience score of 13% on Rotten Tomatoes, with no critic score.[1] However, it scored a 5.2 ranking on IMDB.

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