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Anima Studios
(Ánima Estudios in Spanish) is a Mexican animation studio founded in 2002 by Guillermo Cañedo White, Fernando De Fuentes, Fernando Pérez Gavilán, José Carlos García De Letona and Federico Unda. It produces animated content distributed mainly in Mexico and Latin America.


Founded in 2002, Ánima Estudios is the largest, most prominent animation studio in Latin America, boasting over 140 employees. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, Anima prides itself on producing original animated content that feature unique characters and stories. In addition, the versatile house is known for stellar service work in both Flash and CG.

In November 2003, Ánima released "Wizards and Giants." This charming, well-received comedy marked a number of milestones. It was not only the first film animated in Mexico in over 30 years, but the first movie to be animated digitally in the region. "Wizards and Giants" was later released throughout Latin America to large audiences with a solid M&L campaign.

"Imaginum," the company's second film, appeared in Latin American theaters in 2005. "Agent Macaw: Shaken and Stirred," Ánima's third cinematographic project, was released in Mexican territories in 2009.

The studio is a co production partner of its first all CG movie, "Gaturro" in partnership with Illusion Studios. "Top Cat: The Movie" is an international co production animated film lead by Anima, of the beloved Warner Bros (Hanna Barbera) property, that was released throughout Latin America in late fall of 2011.

Long-format co-productions include "Kung Fu Magoo" with Classic Media and "Triple A: The Movie," with PAP.

Ánima's extensive work in animated series for television includes "Cascaritos" and "Poncho Balón." And, with over 113 half hour episodes already delivered, the studio continues to produce the animated version of the hugely popular Mexican live-action sitcom, "El Chavo." The animated series is one of the top rated animated show throughout Latin America.

On January 23, 2012, they have announced their 7th feature film, Top Cat: The Movie, is set to be released in the United Kingdom on June 1st, 2012 (originally August 1, 2012) in 2D and RealD 3D. This will become the studio's first film to be released in RealD 3D theaters and to be in English.

Featured mediaEdit

Theatrically released filmsEdit

All films except for Gaturro are flash animated, while Gaturro is the only CGI film in the company.

Title Release Date Production Company(s) Budget (estimated) Gross (estimated) RT IMDB
Wizards & Giants November 19, 2003 20th Century Fox TBD TBD 50%Audience score 4.9
Imaginum March 11, 2005 Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE) TBD TBD 100%Audience score 6.1
Agent Macaw: Shaken & Stirred February 13, 2009 Videociné $3,000,000 TBD 13%Audience score 5.2
AAA - The Movie January 2010 Videociné $3,200,000 TBD N/A 5.0
Kung Fu Magoo (Mexico only) May 11, 2010 Classic Media / Motion Toons / Santo Domingo Films $2,600,000 TBD 0%Critic score/70%Audience score 4.6
Gaturro September 21, 2010 Illusion Studios / Toonz Entertainment $2,100,00 $2,100,00 N/A 4.7
Top Cat: The Movie September 16, 2011 (Mexico and Argentina)
June 1, 2012 (United Kingdom)
June 22, 2012 (Spain)
Warner Bros. (Mexico and United Kingdom only) / Illusion Studios / Vertigo Films (UK only) / PlayArte Pictures (Brazil only) / Motion Pictures S.A. (Spain only) $40,700,000 $7,900,000 17%Critic score/70%Audience score 5.3
The Legend of the Llorona October 21, 2011 Eficine 226 / Videociné $2,900,000 $3,900,000 N/A 5.5


Title Release Date Production Company(s)
Trepsi, Nuny y Wicho - Los Amigos de Trepsi 2009 Synergy Licensing Group / Cortesía Consecuencias
Kung Fu Magoo (USA only) May 11, 2010 Classic Media / Motion Toons / Santo Domingo Films

TV Shows and SpecialsEdit

Title Original Run Production Companies
Cascaritos - Chuta, Remata y Gol 2003 TBD
Cascaritos - En sus marcas, listos, fuera 2006 TBD
Espinito 2005-2006 Televisa
Poncho Balón 2005-2006 Estación Espacial
El Chavo Animado (El Chavo Animado) October 21, 2006-present Televisa / Kabillion (USA only)
Trepsi 2008 Centro de Alternativas Infantiles

TV specials Edit

Title Original Run Production Companies
A Martian Christmas December 2009 Porchlight Entertainment

Upcoming TV programming Edit

Title Original Run Production Companies
Fairytale Dropouts TBA 2013[1][2] SLR Productions / Home Plate Entertainment / Telegael

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