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Gaturro, La Pelicula (simply known as Gaturro) is a 3D Argentinian-Mexican computer-generated imagery (CGI) film based on the Argentinian comic book of the same name created by Cristian Dzwonik, produced by Ánima Estudios and Illusion Studios in Argentina and Mexico.[1] It released in theaters September 21, 2010. It is Anima Studios' first CGI film, as opposed to 2D flash animation, and to be released in 3D.


Gaturro is a mischievous cat that wants to conquer Agatha, the kitten of his life, but every time he tries to conquer, Max stands. Agatha is impressed with Max because Max has things are better than they have Gaturro. Agatha asks Gaturro how the cat in his life and imagines him, Max always wins. Then Agatha tells Gaturro that marrying Max and it did not please Gaturro.

After Gaturro thought to impress Agatha ought to be on television. After Michou, the cat that acts as a superhero on TV, resignation so the producer had to find a replacement, then when Gaturro saw that ad was auditioning, she met a mouse named Rat Pit, who sang to solve their problems and to help him in the audition, but it ruined Max throwing Gaturro dog fleas because he did not want to come out on TV so they do not impress Agatha. But after the producer came up with an idea and Gaturro hired to make a superhero on TV and that made him famous, but fame so could not spend much time with Agatha and greatly saddened that Gaturro, but Max exploded with joy.

Agatha After also began to miss Gaturro but Max told him that when the wedding will be among them, but Agatha did not know if he wanted to marry. Once was with Agatha, Gaturro to hang out at the park, but the producer had found him and took him to a company in Cosmogatilan. There, a sexy cat named Gatalina Yoli and kisses Gaturro on the cheek. Agatha sees it and gets fustrated, so she decided to make the wedding. He gave invitations to Max, but Max hid the invitation to Gaturro, and just the day of the wedding, was OSCAT Awards and has nominated Gaturro.

Later in the day of the OSCAT Awards, Gaturro asked Rat Pit to bring your collar but Max tried to grab a Rat Pit. Fortunately, Max could not grab him and escaped Rat Pit. Then, Rat Pit told Gaturro about the wedding of Agatha and Max the owner of Michou, Mimicha, has kidnapped Gaturro because his fame stole Michou. After seeing that she is carrying him in a bag, Rat Pit calls Gaturro's friends for help. Later, Mimicha left Gaturro locked in his house and he meets Gaturro Michou, so the two work together to escape. After Gaturro and his friends jump to the car on the tow truck, Mimicha sees them and goes after them on a pizza motorcycle, but could not reach them.

Then when Agatha was about to marry Max, Gaturro comes and interrupts the wedding. Gaturro tries to convince Agatha not to marry Max and Agatha did not know what to say. But after Agatha found out that Max had kept Gaturro's invitation, Gatalina shows up and reveals to the audience that Max paid her to kiss Gaturro and then Agatha longer wanted to marry, but Max had not surrendered because he did appear a mechanical robot, which Gaturro and his friends manage to destroy the remote that controlls it.

After Max is defeated, Gatalina's brother takes away Max. The next day, Gaturro manages to help Rat Pit become famous again, and finally, Gaturro said if Agatha accepts his love and ends everywhere with Gaturro surprised and happy off-screen, with Agatha saying, "I hope I don't change my mind tomorrow", and Gaturro crashes into the screen.

Cast and charactersEdit

English castEdit

  • Chris Edgerly as Gaturro, a clumsy, childish, silly cat who wanted to win Agatha's love. He is the primary protagonist.
  • Jennifer Lopez as Agatha, a she cat who is Gaturro's love interest. Although, she is more interested in Max because he is the opposite of Gaturro.
  • Nathan Lane as Rat Pit, a rat who is Gaturro's new friend. He used to be on TV, but his show was canceled long ago and decided to help Gaturro win Agatha's love by helping him win the audition.
  • Jason Harris as Max Garcia Aristizabal, a handsome, brave, strong, and a famous cat who is Agatha's love interest. He is the main antagonist.
  • Jeff Bennett as Federico Michou, an acclaimed and successful actor who decided to quit after "working too hard", whereas he was replaced by Gaturro.

Spanish castEdit

  • Mariano Chiesa as Gaturro
  • Agustina Crulink as Agatha
  • Pablo Gandolfo as Rat Pit
  • Leto Dugakin as Max
  • Valeria Gómez as Katy Kit
  • Gustado dardés as Federico Michou
  • Ándres sala rigler as Mimicha
  • René Sagastume as Alplato, El director
  • Gustavo Bonfigli as Daniel
  • Lucila Gómez as Luz
  • Mara Campanelli as Agustín

Box officeEdit

It became a box office success in Argentina, earning $2,116,485, while it earned $2,157,494 at the worldwide box office.[2]


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