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Kung Fu Magoo
is a 2010 Mexican flash animated film action-comedy film from Anima Studios and Classic Media,[1] and written by Emmy Laybourne, Sam Laybourne, Rob Sosin, and Bob Mittenthal and directed by Andrés Couturier. English voice-cast stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Alyson Stoner and voice actors Tom Kenny, Chris Parnell, Rodger Bumpass, Jim Conroy, and Maile Flanagan. It released in theaters in Mexico, while it was released direct-to-DVD in the United States.


The project had an early screening at Cannes in 2008.[2] While the feature film is currently in post production, the film was initially set for a theatrical release in Mexico in 2009, with a direct to video English language release in the United States in 2010.[3]


The world's most notorious bad guys are invited to the island fortress of super-villain Tan-Gu (Lloyd Floyd) to compete in an Olympic-style tournament of evil, called the Evilympics. Mr. Magoo (Jim Conroy) and his 12-year-old nephew Justin (Dylan Sprouse) fight giant robot spiders, ninjas on jet skis, and Tan-Gu's mutant "Beasteens", as representatives of the anti-evil task force.

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This film was panned by critics, but did very well with fans. It scored a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 70%.[4]


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