Teenage Fairytale Dropouts is a new animated TV series created by Anima Estudios. It is a co-production between Seven Network in Australia. The English version was labeled by 9 Story Entertainment and development began in late 2012. An intro was first shown on the YouTube Channel of Anima Estudios. It currently airs on Seven Network in Australia and later premiered on The Hub in the United States. It is based on the animated film, "Wizards and Giants".

In the middle of 2014, the series finally premiered in Mexico. It is entitled: "Generation Fairytale".


The series takes place in a setting based on fairy tales. Three teenagers are comprised of Jeremiah (the son of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk), Fury (the daughter of the Tooth Fairy), and Trafalgar (the nephew of Merlin the Wizard). These three live in a tough life after listening to their parents' orders and fairy tale origins.


  • Jeremiah, a young giant who lives with his giant parents. The singers say that Jeremiah is not completely enormous; just a small teenager. Though he looks human, Jeremiah is actually a specie of giant. Voiced by Simon Kennedy.
  • Fury, a teenage currently wingless fairy. She lives with the fairies. Fury hasn't got her wings yet and the singers say that Fury has no wings. Voiced by Katherine Beck.
  • Trafalgar, a young wizard who lives with his father, the brother of Merlin. The singers say that Trafalgar always keeps failing and his attempts are futile. Voiced by John Hasler.
  • Evil Earl, the local bully of Fairytale Estates. Earl is usually jealous of how nice Jeremiah is and how other kids' parents come from famous fairy tales and his doesn't. Voiced by Nigel Pilkington.
  • Mother Goose, the teacher of Fairytale Estates. She is in charge of the school and owns a pet goose. Voiced by Emma Tate.
  • Melody, a fairy who cheers in Fairy Tale Estates and is usually mean to Fury. Voiced by Emma Tate.
  • Conrad, a dragon who has turned himself into a rabbit. Conrad yells at people saying that he's not a bunny. Conrad cannot find anything that can turn him back to normal, despite turned into a rabbit from a magic prank. He still has his dragon tail and fire breathing though.
  • Grimmarsha and Grimmanda, two gothic sisters that can do dark magic and can turn the school into an unhappy story. Their names are based on the famous authors, The Brothers Grimm, who just happen to be their uncles.
  • Pinocchio Jr., the most infamous student who lies. His best friend is Geppetto Jr., who is also the counterpart of Geppetto from The Adventures of Pinocchio. Short name is PJ. Voiced by Dan Russell.
  • Jimmy, a cockroach and the best friend of PJ. He is the counterpart of The Talking Cricket by Carlo Collodi.
  • Mr. Rumpelstiltskin, the professor who teaches class how to weave straw into objects as homework.

Cameo CharactersEdit

  • The Three Bears
  • The Beast from Beauty & the Beast
  • The Emperor from The Emperor's New Clothes
  • Quasimodo
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Big Bad Wolf