Top Cat: The Movie
Top cat
UK release poster


Alberto Mar


Timothy McKeon
Kevin Seccia


Fernando de Fuentes Jose C. Garcia de Letona José Luis Massa

Spanish Cast

Raul Anaya
Jorge Arvizu
Jesus Guzman
Eduardo Garza
Luis Fernando Orozco
Sebastian Llapur
Rosalba Sotelo
Mario Castañeda Partido
Ricardo Tejedo

English Cast

Jason Harris
Chris Edgerly
Ben Diskin
Matthew Piazzi
Bill Lobely
Melissa Disney
Fred Tatasciore
Bob Kaliban


Warner Bros. Pictures International (Mexico)
Vertigo Films (UK)


Anima Studios
Illusion Studios
Lightning Entertainment (Europe and Australia only)

Release dates

September 16, 2011
June 1, 2012 (United Kingdom)
June 22, 2012 (Spain)
August 22, 2012 (Australia)

Running time

90 minutes



Top Cat: The Movie (also known in Spanish as Don Gato y su Pandilla, literally "Top Cat and His Gang." and simply titled Top Cat in the USA) is a 2011 3D Mexican flash-animated family comedy film based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, Top Cat. The film was released throughout Mexico and Latin America in 2D and 3D selected theaters on September 16, 2011 and it was a critical and box office success,[1] but the English version released in the United Kingdom on June 1, 2012 was largely panned from critics and fans alike, but still was a box-office success as well.[2] It was also released in Spain on June 22, 2012[3], in Australia on August 22, 2012[4], in India on November 9, 2012[5], and in Russia on November 29, 2012. Rotten Tomatoes reported that this film is due for a direct-to-video release in the United States on March 26, 2013.


During lunch with Benny, Top Cat spots a female cat walk by them. Excusing himself, Top Cat quickly runs after the female cat, interrupted by Griswald, but soon gets him out of the way and meets up with the female cat, who introduces herself as Trixie. While she finds him amusing, an alley cat isn't her type.

At the alley, Top Cat catches news of the Maharajah of Pookajee, known for his generosity and his rubies are just what Top Cat needs to impress Trixie. Top Cat and his gang head to the Connity Hall to meet the Maharajah, running into an obnoxious man named Strickland. The gang steal his tickets and get him sent away. While the gang distract Officer Dibble who is the Maharaja's escort, Top Cat makes a bet with the Maharaja and gets out of him a Maharaja Talk 5000 device with many functions, as the Maharaja hasn't any rubies.

The next morning, Officer Dibble is summoned to the police station to work for the Chief's son-in-law Strickland, who is taking over for the retired Chief. Strickland has replaced the staff with robots which he believes are more competent. Top Cat thwarts Strickland's attempt to evict him, preventing Strickland from getting the Mayor's funding for a robot police army. Strickland uses Trixie to keep Top Cat away from the alley while he carries his out his plan. Top Cat returns to the alley getting shunned by his gang, arrested by police and after an unfair trial, convicted to the Dog Jail on charge of stealing money from an orphanage.

With the arrest of Top Cat, Strickland is granted the Mayor's funding and establishes a robot police army and a major scale surveillance camera system which restricts privacy for the city. Meanwhile Top Cat tries to keep a low profile in dog jail but later becomes popular having turned the jail into a paradise for the convicts. As for Top Cat's gang they are struggling and begin to express their disbelief in him, which Top Cat notices from the one of the security cameras.

Strickland abuses his authority and starts coming up with ridiculous laws to take absurd amounts of money off people, intending to spend it on making himself even more 'handsome'. Tired of Strickland's tyranny, Trixie quits her job and turns to Officer Dibble and shows him evidence that a robot Top Cat sent by Strickland robbed the orphanage proving Top Cat's innocence. Dibble escapes to pass this to Top Cat's gang, but Trixie is captured by the police robots.

After Dibble tells the gang what really happened, they all head for Big Gus to help them break Top Cat out of prison, as he owes Top Cat. Big Gus leads them through an underground passage to the dog jail and leaves. The gang apologises for their doubts about Top Cat. With their cover blown by the dogs knowing they've got cats with them, the gang and Dibble escape through a sewer hole arriving at Strickland's HQ.

The gang infiltrate the building in robot guises finding Strickland his imprisoned everyone in the city and hoarded the city's cash. While Dibble distracts Strickland, the gang under the guise of robots make their way to Strickland's control centre, but Top Cat's gang are locked in Strickland's vault having tripped a silent alarm, Top Cat remaining outside. When Strickland arrives, he orders Top Cat to be annihilated by the robots. As a single robot enters, Top Cat realises the whole security system was manufactured by the Maharajah of Pookajee. Top Cat takes out the Maharajah Talk 5000 which presumably controls all robots to get Stickland. In panic, Strickland self-destructs the robot army except the single one, revealed to be Fancy-Fancy still in his robot guise. Everyone imprisoned and Top Cat's gang is released in the self-destruction process. Strickland is rendered helpless and Dibble arrests him and (on Top Cat's suggestion) sentences him to the Dog Jail.

Top Cat and Trixie renew their relationship, Officer Dibble is promoted as the new Chief of Police, the gang enjoy themselves, and finally Griswald asks for a place in Top Cat's gang, which Top Cat accepts.


Spanish cast
  • Raul Anaya as Don Gato (Top Cat)
  • Jorge Arvizu as Benito (Benny), Cucho (Choo-Choo)
  • Jesus Guzman as Demosthenes (Brain)
  • Eduardo Garza as Panza (Fancy-Fancy)
  • Luis Fernando Orozco as Espanto (Spook)
  • Sebastian Llapur as Official Matute (Officer Dibble)
  • Rosalba Sotelo as Trixie
  • Mario Castañeda Partido as Lucas Buenrostro (Lou Strickland)
  • Ricardo Tejedo as Rugelio
English cast
  • Jason Harris as Top Cat / Choo-Choo / Brain / Griswald / Lou Strickland / Big Gus
  • Chris Edgerly as Benny
  • Ben Diskin as Spook
  • Matthew Piazzi as Fancy-Fancy
  • Bill Lobely as Officer Dibble
  • Melissa Disney as Trixie
  • Fred Tatasciore as Robot, Gorilla
  • Bob Kaliban as Judge / Police Chief / Mayor


This film was released theatrically in Mexico on September 16, 2011 in Digital 3D and regular 2D format. It was also released throughout South America. On January 23, 2012, Vertigo Films announced that the film would be released in the United Kingdom on June 1, 2012 (formerly August 20, 2012) in 2D, Digital 3D, and RealD 3D theaters.[6] A UK teaser trailer was released in April 5, 2012.[7] This has also marked as Vertigo's first ever 2D animated feature film. In addition, Motion Pictures S.A. has released the film in Spain on June 22, 2012. A second UK trailer was released on May 14, 2012.[8] The movie had a very limited 2-day release in Australia and New Zealand in selected Hoyts theaters on June 10, 2012 and was later released on DVD on August 22, 2012, distributed by Lightning Entertainment and EagleAustralia, which also produced the UK release version. The original Latin American version was released on Blu-ray and DVD on December 2, 2011 from Warner Home Video International[9], while the UK version was released on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D on October 15, 2012.[10] Although the DVD is not available in the United States, the Austalian and Mexican versions of the DVD can be purchased online, via eBay.[11][12] However, Rotten Tomatoes reported that this film would be released on DVD on March 26, 2013.

Box officeEdit

This film has earned 40,708,634 pesos in Mexico and $7,929,515 worldwide. It has also became one of the biggest box office openings in Mexican cinema history.[13][14]This film has earned $40,708,634 in Mexico and $15,066,652 worldwide. It has also became one of the biggest box office openings in Mexican cinema history.[15][16] The UK release of this film opened at #7 at the weekend box office with $702,530 from 452 theaters throughout the country[17]


Though the original Spanish version of the film was received favorably in Mexico and Latin America, the English dub of the film received extremely negative reviews from UK critics and fans of the original cartoon alike, both criticizing the animation, voice acting, and 3D effects.[18][19][20][21]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2012 13th Golden Trailer Awards[22] Best Foreign Animation/Family Trailer "Trailer 1" and Trailer 2 Nominated


Variety reported that the film's producer, José Carlos García, is working on a sequel, with a possibility of this film having a limited theatrical release in the United States.[23]



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