• In Mexico this cartoon was way more popular than in the USA. So, Jorge Arvizu "El Tata", the actor that made the original 60's adaptation, provides his voice to the same characters from that time: Benny and Choo-Choo (known in Mexico as Benito Bodoque and Cucho).
  • The original Top Cat TV show was tremendously popular in Mexico, where the characters were beloved and aired on television for years. The producers of this film took the project to Warner Bros. in an attempt to bring the characters to new generations. This is the first time Warner Bros. have allowed another company to use one of its licensed characters in a movie.
  • This film received very positive reviews from critics and fans in Mexico and Latin American. On the other hand, the international English-dub version received very negatively from critics, but fans gave even more negative reviews, criticizing the flash character animation, CGI background animation, poor voice acting, and even the 3D conversion.
  • This is the first film from Anima Studios to be based on a popular TV show.

Studio connectionsEdit

  • This film will be the first ever film from Anima Studios and Illusion Studios to be released in English language theaters.
  • This is also the first ever flash animated film to be converted and released in RealD 3D Cinema, a USA-based advanced 3D technology company, select theaters.
  • This is the second time Anima Studios partners with Illusion Studios, since Gaturro.
  • This will be the second time Anima Studios release a film in English-language, after Kung Fu Magoo, which got a direct-to-DVD release and premiered on Disney XD, and will be the first time it releases in theaters.
  • This is the second film from Anima Studios to be distributed by a major American motion picture studio, Bros. Warner Bros. Pictures since Magos y Gigantes (20th Century Fox).
    • This also the first film from Illusion Studios to do so.

References to the TV seriesEdit

There is many references and characters from episodes of the old series:

  • Benny doing a Hawaiian dance is from 'Hawaii Here we Come'
  • The Maharajah of Pookajee reappears from 'The Maharajah of Pookajee'
  • Jazz and Beau from 'All that Jazz' are in the pool hub when Spook is called by Top Cat
  • Benny's horse, Arabelle reappears from 'The $1,000,000 Derby'
  • Laszlo Laszlo from 'The Violin Player' performs and Top Cat mentions that he used to be a janiter
  • A party is held for Dibble similar to in 'Dibble's Birthday'
  • Choo Choo is seen watching the show 'King for a Day' a show which Top Cat was once in, in 'King for a Day'
  • Big Gus returns from 'Dibble Sings Again'
  • Griswald, although very different, reappears fromthe episode 'Griswald'